Monday, January 09, 2006

A Clean Slate (for 2006)

This past weekend I hibernated in the house from the cold, brisk New York air and noise. Since I did not have any have any incredible plans, I decided to clean house and get organized.

I started with the kitchen by anxiously cleaning the stove and microwave. Next, I dried and put away the glistening dishes, complements of a great dishwasher. I took out the trash and swept the floor. Then came my room. I am genuinely not a messy person and my roommate can contest to it. Still, I noticed some clutter. Therefore, I collected old magazines and miscellaneous paperwork for the garbage. I rearranged my books by size and even made some new files for my bank statements. Last but not least, was the bathroom. I was taught that a woman’s kitchen and bathroom should always be neat, clean and presentable. I began with washing the tub and sink; sweeping hair off of the floor; washing the windows and then came the toilet bowl. Looking back, I really put love into scrubbing that bowl. I was on all four’s scrubbing around the bowl and beyond.

Honestly, I love cleaning. For me, it’s truly therapeutic and I enjoy the outcome. My mother recently told me when she went from “cleaning teeth to cleaning toilet bowls,” that is was a humbling experience for her. In retrospect, I can relate to her analogy. Nonetheless, I was on all four’s cleaning and then it happened. This was the moment when I had an epiphany. Suddenly, everything just came to light. My thoughts were clear. I had so many questions. There was one that I could not seem to answer. It replayed in my head for hours. Finally, I said it out loud.

Can I have a clean slate for 2006?

Let’s dissect this theory. Today we exist in a world where women can erase their sexual past, claim back their virginity and even rewind their age. Hell, I convinced myself that I would be turning 24 this year, again. I even put my license on the nightstand to collect dust. Now, I tote around my New York State ID that clearly reads “Under 21” in big red print. What can I say? I want to hold on to my youth.

Truthfully, we’re in a society where weaves, fake breasts or a magnificent Wonder Bra, and Botox are a must have accessory; he used to be a she; she is really a he who went from Leon to Laura; The words “Monogamy”, “Married” and/or “Involved” are conveniently used when an unattractive person approaches you; the sexy music executive that you met last week is really an intern; and the President of The United States claims to actually tell us the truth. It’s all a fa├žade. Now a day, you never know what you’re going to get or know the people that you meet. Is this person to good to be true? Or is this their representative? Hence, I totally believe that I can delete last year and start over fresh, pure and new for 2006.

I’ve decided that I am not the type of woman who makes New Year’s resolutions. Psychologically, the word resolution does not sound stern enough for me. Like glass, resolutions can be broken. I know first hand. In the past, I’ve made and broke several of them.

So for ’06, I have set goals-both short and long term. I write them down and work toward each one, daily. I am sure that you are wondering what type of goals I have on the agenda. Number one on my list is to start and incorporate my business by next month. Believe me, we would be here for more then a week if I named each one. However, they range from a new hairstyle to saving for my first home.

I know that it will not be an easy path to accomplish it all, especially in one year. But, I’m in it for the long run. I’ve made a promise to strip myself from all the pessimistic thoughts and hardships of 2005. It’s a new year, a new me.

At this moment, while I sit at my desk, reflecting on me, setting goals, typing posts for my bog, listening to ”The Black Album” by my muse, Jay-Z and starting corporations; I have been reborn and wiped my slate totally clean. Now, What about you?…I’m listening.

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