Thursday, September 08, 2005

Viva Las Vegas!!! (The Magic Show)

Anyone who is anyone in the fashion industry knows about the "Magic Show"...One of the largest trade shows that occur twice a year (February and August).

This is a place where buyers (from department stores, boutiques, retailers, etc.) come to shop, Magazine Editors come to analyze trends and search for inspiration, Vendors/Manufactures/Fashion houses come to show the new product and give the best parties in town. This is time of Networking. Shopping. Working. Partying. and maybe even a little spectacular weather.

Since my roommate, cousin (who is an MTV employee), and a few of my friends were basking in the hot, sexy city that we all know as Miami (southbeach) for the VMA's...I decided to head to Vegas via North West Airlines.

I've always wanted to experience the trade show and all of it's glory, especially after becoming familiar with it while a student at the Fashion Institute of Technology.

So, there I was...Viva Las Vegas!!!

After my fun filled weekend ended, I had the opportunity to attend the show on Monday, August 29th. It was larger then life and I suddenly became overwhelmed. This was a land of opportunity and I wanted to take it all in and seize every moment. Which booth should I visit first? Where should I go? Who should I shmooze? I had to play it safe since I am not a "buyer" and did not have any type of appointments.

Finally, my day ended at the Rocawear booth which was guarded by security who promptly checked for each person's badge...Fortunately, I have friends in high places, so the door was not a problem.

I was impressed! The merchandising was excellent from the accessories/sunglass area in the front (by the entrance) to the each individual meeting room where apparel, shoes, and/or bags were strategically displayed for excited buyers to review. I suddenly became proud that this was a company started from "the grind" by two, incredible, business savvy, black men who were not afraid to take a risk on a wonderful idea.

As I observed a company that practically ran itself (whether the owners were present or not). It motivated me to stay on "the grind" , follow my dream of owning several companies, and continue to maintain the hustle mentality that burns inside of me. As I thought back to the day that I was heading to Vegas, sitting in the terminal, waiting to board the plane. I spotted a boy, no older then 9 years of age, Asian, attractive and wearing reading glasses...he was holding a Rocawear book bag (knapsack).

I just sat there and thought to myself...", that is when you know that you have made it."


  1. Wow!
    Thats great.
    I hope that attending that show was just the motivation that you need to set you on you way. You can do it.

  2. It is good to see a sister on the Grind instead of in the Grind, you know? The experience of going to these places is a good thing even if you don't get a chance to network with people that you would like to. It is very motivating to see a young Black woman on the grind....GOOD LUCK!!! I will continue to check your blogs.

  3. I enjoyed the story i felt as if i was there.

  4. You better WORK Joi!!
    This is too CUTE!! It reminds me of Carrie's columns from Sex in the City. We had so much fun in Vegas! I'm having flashbacks lol! But anywho, keep up the good work!!


  5. I didn't go to Magic's fall show, but I should be there in Feb. Do you usually go?