Sunday, September 11, 2005

There Is No "I" In Team...

After five years of living and loving New York, I've finally attended my very first baseball game on Thursday, September 8th-New York Yankees VS. Tampa Bay Devil Rays.

It was exciting, enchanting, exhilarating...Well, you know how it can be for a first-timer.

I went to the game with three of my fabulous co-workers-just "US" girls. It felt like that episode from Sex In The City (the 1st season). Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte go to a Yankee game-Carrie gets drunk from cheap beer, catches a ball, then decides to ask the New, Hot Yankee out on a date.

We'll I felt as if it were Deja Vu...minus a ball caught and a sizzling Yankee to take home.

While bonding with my co-workers, trying to keep up with the game (Yankees down by 3), and stuffing my face with the best cheese fries ever-I began to reflect.

Does baseball and business go hand and hand?

It's definitely a great tool to shmooze important and potential clients. Who's going to turn down a Yankee game?

This question repeated itself in my head for the rest of the night...Does baseball and business go hand and hand?

Think about it? There are several positions in baseball that make up a team. There are several positions in a company that do the same.

For example, the Coach plays an important position in baseball or any sport. They assist in ensuring a smooth function in the team at all times. A President and/or CEO possesses the same role as the Coach. He/She ensures a smooth function of the company. The President is the eyes and ears of the business. In addition, they make and approve all important decisions for the well-being of the business.

-The role of the outfielders (Left, Right and Center) are to chase down and catch any ball that enters into their territory. They are to throw a rapid and accurate return to a basemen preventing the opposing team a chance to reach the other base or a homerun.They can see everything in a game form their positions on the feild. In business, the outfeilders are the other roles that assist with running a company, like the Chief Financial officer (CFO) and the Chief Operating Officer (COO). This may also include the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) as well, if the business has two people-one as President and one as CEO. They plan, observe and catch aspects of the business that the president will not be able to handle alone. CFO, COO, CEO are the support of the President.

-The basemen (1st, 2nd 3rd) play distinct yet similar roles in this game. The ultimate goal of each is to retire the batter. However, they all have more distinct duties outside of retiring the batter. For instance, the Third baseman has to be able to field ground balls and cover fly balls (A fly ball is a ball that is hit into the air, usually very high). They all stand at each point/tip of the baseball diamond. In business, the basemen represent all the employees. Each employee have distinct yet similar roles in a company. Their ultimate goal is to produce revenue (and even stay aware of the competition).

-The Shortstop (SS) is one of the most valuable players on the team. This person has an interesting and important position on the field. From their position on the field (between 2nd and 3rd baseman), they have the opportunity to observe all basemen as well as the catcher and pitcher. Their job consist of fielding ground balls and starting/turning double plays ( A double play is making two outs in the same play. Basically getting two players, from the opposing team, out of the game at the same time). Again in the field of business, the SS can be seen as the Vice President (VP). The VP is a person that deals with the the employees on a more intimate level. He/She, depending on their distinct title, manages the managers in particular department. The shortstop deals and stands with the basemen and the VP usually has an office near the employees of their area.

-The Pitcher, who has the number one position, primary role is to pitch the ball to the batter-the competition.

-The Catcher must catch and/or block all pitches to prevent baserunners from advancing to the base.

Both roles, the catcher and the pitcher, communicate and work close with each other on the baseball field. Although, in business the Pitcher and the Catcher can be viewed as the Human Resources and the Accounting department. It's like a "Check and Balance" relationship. Both departments are involved closely with one another, while balancing the other one.

For instance, Accounting may check on Human Resources to monitor the number of people hired within the year. Both departments report to the CFO-like the pitcher and catcher. Both report to the Coach, and make sure that they enable advancement of the batter up to first base.

Nevertheless, did I answer my own question?

Does business and baseball go hand and hand?

Well, I guess that only I can search for that answer. However, I think that we all can agree, in business and baseball you have to work together as a TEAM. One hand washes the other. If any person and/or position played does not cooperate with the TEAM-then a common goal can not be attained.

By the end of the night, the Yankees had lost to the Devil Rays. But I won...I won the knowledge of the game known as Baseball, a closer bond with my co-workers, the idea for my next blog, and the meaning of true TEAMwork. Just like the the title of my story, my mantra, my motto...There Is No "I" In Team.


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