Sunday, October 09, 2005

Is It Better To Be Late Than Never?

When I am late for work, a meeting or even a date, I get disappointed and begin to feel nauseous.

Okay, Okay-Maybe I am being a tad bit dramatic!

It irritates me when I am late and vice versa. I can not escape it (tardiness). It's like an unwanted, undesirable disease.

Forget the fact that I have to report to the place in which we all call work a.k.a my J.O.B by 8:45am. Forget the fact that this is the earliest time since residing in New York, that I've been required to go to work. Forget the fact that my loud, obnoxious alarm clock rings at the same time every morning. I just do not roll out of my bed, hop in the shower, find appropriate attire, fix my lunch, find breakfast and be on the way to the subway by 7:40am (really 7:30am) inorder to make it to my destination on time.

Please do not believe that I am tardy everyday or for every engagement in my "single", New York life. Let me explain my case before you jump to any conclusion about this common dilemma.
It is a huge pet-peeve that I am desperately trying to to cure. You can't even begin to imagine my late trend after a few exciting nights during the work week. It can get pretty ugly!

In my opinion, being late is unprofessional, inconsiderate, and just down right rude at times. It's a bad representation of you, your image, your persona and so on. It does not look good when people stroll in any room late, unless you are "fashionably" late for a fabulous party. That's understandable and usually executed by strategic planning. Othe the other hand, lateness is not cool or strategic at all.

I ask myself, "Could this be an area in my life that needs to be fixed before true success knocks on my door?"

In New York, where opportunity is endless, business meetings can be scheduled as late as 11pm, and places (clubs, stores, diners) stay open around the clock-Is it Better To Be Late Than Never?
In certain situations this may prove to be true. For instance, if you are on a dream date with a HOT man, that you've been trying to coordinate schedules with and reach a night where both of you can bond, eat, etc on one night. In this example it may be excusable. However, let's think about it. How would he (the HOT man) feel if you were late and vice versa (regardless if you put in a warning call).
A great man once told me that "someone who is inconsiderate of your time is inconsiderate of you and does not care." In more ways than one, I am beginning to believe it. I've always believed that tardiness and business will never mix. Sometimes, tardiness is indeed uncontrollable. Yet, it can be prevented as well.

Nevertheless, when success finally decides to knock on my door (and it will knock hard), I will throw my "late" problem out of the window and never look back. Tardiness can be cured. Visit a doctor if it gets out of hand. I am sure that he/she will be happy to write a prescription for time management and 8 hours of rest.

Therefore, do not always believe the cliche that it is "Better To Be Late Than Never." Besides, it always better to be on time and being late is just not worth the risk in the end.

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