Monday, September 19, 2005

Tieing The Knot

Last weekend I had a mind-blowing experience.

No, It was not the annual end of summer sale at Barney's.
No, It was not a fun filled adventure in the Hamptons.
and No, It was not that smart accountant (who works in the entertainment industry) whom I find achingly SEXY!!!

It was something wonderful. Something that I am grateful to played a part...A "Hindu" wedding.

"A Hindu wedding is not simply an exchange of vows and rings, it is a union which binds not only two hearts together but two families as well."

Based on my experience, in the Hindu religion, marriage is not taken lightly-which was a factor that I came to observe and appreciate.

For example the Bridegroom, also known as the Groom in American culture, is honored, worshiped, and welcomed as a Prince-awaiting to take his bride and begin a new life together. Upon the groom's entrance into the hall, Milaap & Dwaar Pooja occurs which involves the Bride's mother and her female relatives giving the Groom a garland with flowers and honoring him with aarti and gifts while singing.

As the Bride glided down the isle, red carpet under her feet, I realized that this was not just your ordinary wedding. This was a celebration...a celebration of two becoming whole and complete. Two families merging into one. WOW! When businesses merge, they should have a ceremony like this, and then mergers and acquisitions would not seem so complicated. It made sense to me...Well, back to the ceremony.

While I set on the crisp , white sheets-no shoes, legs crossed with tears crowding my pupils; I wondered why? Why do American/Christian weddings seem so different? They can be so shallow at times. At this beautiful, religious function, Every action was symbolic...Every word was spoken with passion and love. In my opinion, Christian ceremonies can lose the focus and purpose. Thoughts are hungry to judge the bride's appearance, the taste/class of the crowd, the size of the church, the decor of the reception and so on.

This wedding was the complete opposite. It had a focus, a meaning, a common goal- bringing two individuals, as well as, two families together as one.

As the husband and wife (to be) Tied The Knot-No, literally. A tied knot of the shawls also known as Gathi Bandhan. The tieing of the knot symbolizes a life long union. I rose from my floor seat with a more positive outlook on marriage, life, and love. There is hope for me...and this "Hindu" wedding showed me that hope.

PART 2 -The Reception:

By 4pm I was at the reception-dressed in all black-ready, willing and very nervous. Another union was about to occur. A union that I had forsaken one year ago. Me, the bar, and over 70 anxious, thirsty guests. Yes! Not only did I experience the best wedding in 2005, but I was bartending the reception too. "The Grind" was back in all of it's glory. "Tip jar, make me a happy women tonight!" I recited this chant over and over and over again.

Let me say that it was definitely "The Grind". I worked that bar non-stop (well, I did stop for one restroom break) from 4pm to 1am. It was addictive! I could not stop myself. Bailey's on the rocks here, Apple Martini there. I was on fire and I did not forget one recipe. I want that feeling again. That feeling where you are on top of the world. That feeling of being on top of your game. And that, my friends, is the feeling of working for yourself, enjoying what you are doing while making money all at the same time.

I went home that night-exhausted with aching muscles, a manicure from hell, wrinkled skin, and soars/cuts on all five of my fingers...and yet it felt so painfully good. I was my own boss on this day, providing a service to the bride, groom, and their guests. I was high from this glorious evening. With my other wedding attire in one hand and a Redstripe (Jamaican Beer) box full of tips in the other-all I could think about was "The Grind". It was back and better then ever. Yet, I noticed on the way home, that "The Hustle, The Grind" had never left my side.

PS-This piece is dedicated to the happy couple. Thank you for giving me this special memory, a chance to be my own boss, and allowing the opportunity for me to Grind.


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  2. Tying the knot is the best thing I ever did. Of course, my wife is an angel, so not everyone will agree!

  3. Hey Chica!!!!

    Please tell me that if this happens you will finally pick up the phone and call somebody (me)......

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  7. Enjoyed reading about the Hindu wedding. You write rather well! I've only seen such weddings on TV, but my daughter is from India, so I hope one day to do her up proud.

    No hurry, she's only seven!

  8. I enjoyed being th center of attention on this day. You did a great job describing my perfect day. Thank you, We are still happily married with a 15 month old son Patrick.