Monday, November 07, 2005

Little Surprises

The most bizarre moment happened to me today (Monday, November 7th). As my roommate proceeded to give me the mail, she handed one last item to me.

“Oh, You got this too. Joe, our doorman, was like someone dropped this off for 1J,” she said.

I took it off her hands with curiosity written all over my face. To my astonishment, there were two lilies and miscellaneous greenery carefully wrapped and a small turquoise envelope that read, “Joy.. APT. 1J.” I figured that is was definitely someone who did not know me well, since my name was spelled incorrectly.

While my rommie stood permanently in the doorway, I eagerly tore open the envelope. Who could this be from? I thought to myself. Joi does not have an admirer! Is this some type of sick joke? Really?

I opened the blank card and inside was a neatly folded note. “Who is it from?” my roommate asked. “Not sure, trying to read the note,” I said with caution.

Unfortunately, I could not identify this person from their handwriting, nor did they bother to leave a name. It was signed “-with love ?" I could not believe it. Someone signed this note with a question mark (?).

How bizarre? I quietly pondered. “They did not sign a name, just left a question mark,” I said.

Although the note hand one hidden clue, a hidden yet obvious clue which gave me a very promising lead of whom left this unexpected mystery package. Actually, I thought that it was quite clever and classy in a wired, bizarre sort of way. It was surely a pleasant surprise and put a smile on my face.

I was perplexed, so I began to contemplate while I answered my emails and stared at the blossoming lilies that set comfortably on my desk.

Will my life, especially my quest for entrepreneurship, be full of “little surprises”? I am hoping that it will be similar to the surprise that happened this evening.

Recently, I’ve noticed that I loose myself in my thoughts, ideas, and complaints. The keyword here is COMPLAINTS. As adults, people, human beings, we never sit back and reflect on our blessings and “little surprises” that occur throughout our lives.

I consume my thinking with uneasy emotions. Emotions such as feeling that I have failed myself, feeling like I am angry for not having a career in my aspiring field, for not operating my own business at this “old age”, for not being able to go shopping at my convenience, for being frustrated when my hair is scruffy, for not being able to provide for my mother and younger siblings, for not being paid a higher salary, and so on.

Some days, I wish that that someone would just shake the sh**t out of me and say, “Joi, it could always be worse.”

Therefore starting today, and during my long, hard, exciting, eye-opening journey toward entrepreneurship…I will begin to count my blessings and “little surprises.” Especially, since you’ll never be able to predict when they will run out.


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  2. Hello, My Dear!

    Decided to check out your blog. Have recently felt that we have failed you, not matter how you feel, about our lack of c oncern for you and your concerns. Please know that we love you and hold you close to our hearts. Sorry we could not talk more at the baby shower. However, if all goes well, Moe and I will be in NYC during the Christmas break. So, if you're not coming here, we will see you there. We love you and always pray for your deliverance and guidance. Be happy and good to yourself. Stay chilly!

    Aunt Marsha

  3. Authur Ashe was one of the most prominent tennis players of his time. He won many awards and achivements that have never been accomplished by a black man. He died of AIDS in 1993. When he was diagnosed with HIV he said that he did not ask the infamous question "Why me?" because he never asked "Why me?" when he was winning all of his achivements. After hearing this, it does put in perspective that things can be much worst and we have many small blessings everyday. In your case, you may not have the career that you are looking for yet but you do have a job that allows you to provide the neccessities for your self and to aide your family. If life wasnt a struggle victory wouldnt mean as much.
    Now on a personal note, I want to know who the mystery flowerman is:)