Tuesday, November 15, 2005

25 & Older

Have you ever been in the club and the DJ throws on a jam that you have not heard in years?

It’s one of those electrifying songs that have an intense beat and playful chorus. It’s one of those grooves that call for everyone to get up and dance while feeling a bit nostalgic. At the perfect moment, the DJ proceeds to say, “If your 25 and older put your hands up!”

Well, I’ve never had that experience. I’ve always been filled with glee when the DJ says those types of comments. Therefore, I’ve kept my hands down, since I am apart of the 24 and younger group.

When I was about 18, the thought of being 25 scared me. Back then, 25 meant that you were “old”. It’s an age where your sexy, single, social life goes down the drain. Plans for marriage and children are at the top of your goals list. It’s a time when going to the gym is a necessity, since your metabolism has slowed down and your figure is not as great as it used to be. It’s a time to invest in a retirement plan, purchase life insurance, and schedule a physical more then once a year. It’s a time when engagement rings and buying your first home is the topic of conversation.

Boy, was I wrong (on some points)! If only I knew then, what I know now. Life may have been a little different.

Honestly, I am still afraid of turning 25. I am dreading my 25th birthday, which is in about one week. Well, November 23rd to be exact.

I truly believe and have witnessed that real women age gracefully. Yet, I do not feel graceful at all. I feel old and unaccomplished. Hell, my bones are even sore at times.

I’ve come to the realization that I am dreading the mid twenties for one main reason. I am measuring my age to my life accomplishments (and happiness). I continue to size myself up everyday, and it truly bothers me when I step outside and reflect. It’s become so unbearable and uncontrollable that I create stress. While I am soaking in my thoughts, my shoulders get tense and headaches occur, due to my closet failures. I even cry myself to sleep some nights.

I feel as if I am in a track race against time. Everyone has passed me. I am still standing at the beginning of the white line trying to plan and contemplate my start. I am just standing there while time ticks away.

I read an article in the paper yesterday about an entrepreneur who was just 19 years of age (“High Flying Teenager” page 20 of the Metro newspaper). His name is Martin Halstead from southern England. He had been in other business ventures and on his “Grind” since age 15. He recently launched a new airline, Alpha One, that travels on routes that are too small for larger airlines.

I was amazed! I thought to myself…WOW! Where in the hell did I go wrong? Did I miss the memo about working on your future in the tender years?

Actually, it made me think about a quote that Kim Kiyosaki, investor and wife of best-selling author Robert Kiyosaki, said at a real estate expo that I attended. As she started her closing statements in the seminar titled, Women & Investing, she said something that raised an eyebrow or two. This was a quote that I will never forget. She said, “It’s all about what your willing to give up (sacrifice) now, to be rewarded later.”

So, I ask myself at age 24, “Am I willing to give up traveling, clubbing, eating out, and much more now, in order to focus, grind and be rewarded later (for financial freedom, happiness and a peace of mind)?”

No matter the number of times this question will approach me, my answer will be just the same. “Yes, definitely.”

I do recall that my last piece covered recognizing your blessings and being grateful for them on a daily basis. Some may think that I am a hypocrite while reading this current post. Yet, that is not the case. I continue to be thankful for the people and things in my life. On the other hand, I do not tolerate being comfortable or content. It can lead to laziness. I love to “push the envelope” and challenge myself to soar high for that next level.

I have a different outlook now. My perspective on life, men and my career are not the same compared to when I was at the delicate age of 18. I used to think that I had all of the time in the world. Nevertheless, I’ve realized that we can not set the clock back a few years.

I’m a minute away from turning 25, and what do I have to show for myself? Absolutely Nothing.


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  2. It is a blessing to know what you want to do with your life at an early age, but sometimes! Sometimes God would lead you in that direction only when you're ready for it. If your not ready, as fast as success comes it goes. But when he sparks that thought, that idea, send the right person who believes in you and your idea. How sweet it is. That thought may come soon, you might cross paths with that person soon. Patients that time maybe sooner than you think!(New acquiantance).

  3. You already know what you think will make you happy so just continue to strive for it. Scarifaces are the key! Nothing comes easy for us working folks. You'll learn from everything that happens to you whether good or bad. Try not measure what you should have against someone else that is disappointing or that WILL help you strive even more to get what you want! But don't ever think your a failure for the age that your turning especially when your just a few years out of school. Still young, meaning still have time to change your life around and do new things. Make those scarfices, save more money, less trips, etc... if not you won't have anything to show for it, saving is easy just say no to some outtings and you'll feel better at the end. Trust - everything will fall in place. Espeically since you already have a sense of what you want that's a good start!