Sunday, December 11, 2005

The Challenge

Can I be Frank?

No, I don’t mean be someone named “Frank” but using the word in the sense of being terribly honest.

I have a confession that I want to share with you. I love a good challenge. I’m up for it 365 days of the year. It just brings chills down my spine, as well as, every inch of my body. I like the sheer joy of the experience.

I love the beginning of a challenge; when you’re at the guessing stage. Your thoughts become mixed with fear and excitement. Then, you get that sudden adrenalin rush from the first approach and trying to figure it all out. Nonetheless, I love the ending stage, which is the aftermath of dominating the entire task. It’s a wonderful feeling!

What can I say? I’m definitely a woman who knows what she wants and when she wants it. I admit; I can be indecisive too. However, if the timing seems appropriate, then I usually go for it. Now that I am 25, I’ve realized that life is short, so neither you nor I have time to procrastinate and ponder about the various challenges that make contact with our lives.

Therefore, I am up for any difficult task, which crosses my path.

Can I be Frank again?

Have you ever had a challenge that just seems too complicated? It’s so hard yet tricky that you are questioning yourself and the initial line of attack. Pessimistic thoughts begin to fill your head. Is it really worth it? What will I achieve in the end? Will I learn and/or gain anything from this incident? What’s the point?

Let me give you a mental picture. It’s similar to the Mr. Big and Carrie (from Sex In the City) scenario. In the end, she finally got what she wanted and indeed it was well deserved on her part. Nevertheless, it took her years to accomplish and conquer that goal. Ok, ok. Don’t kill me! I will not give away the spectacular conclusion for those of you who have not seen that last episode of season 6. For those who have watched the series and tuned into the last episode, then you certainly get my point.

I do not want the male readers to be confused, so let me give you another example. I am a woman that likes to have all grounds covered and state my purpose so that everyone can relate. It’s similar to Mike Tyson making a comeback as champion and the New York Jets actually having a chance at the superbowl this year. Now, do you get my drift?

Well, I am fighting the same battle. It’s parallel to my previous examples. I have a challenge that is very tough. It’s so complicated, that I am always questioning my next move. I feel as if I have been at the guessing stage forever.

For the sake of your sanity, we’ll call this challenge Project GX. I acquired Project GX a few years ago. At the time, it seemed very promising. I was impressed with all of the benefits it had to offer. I knew that it would take keen thinking, time, attention and determination to take on the challenge. Of course, I was up for every minute of it. I found Project GX extremely appealing and I knew that the outcome would outweigh the effort put in. I was confident that results would be positive. After all, who could turn down an opportunity so tempting?

Let’s fast forward to my current progress with Project GX. That last statement was an oxymoron, since I’ve made no progress at all. Truthfully, it’s driving me crazy. I thought that I was a woman who could overcome anything that she puts her mind to. That’s just it. I’ve put a lot of thought and energy into Project GX. Yet, nothing. Nada.

In addition, I’ve even attempted to re-arrange my schedule to accommodate this mission. I have put aside my pride, released my guard and invested my time to gain hands-on experience. But, I am unable to break it down and take control of the situation.

In the end, is it really worth it? I say “Yes.” What do you think?

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