Friday, December 01, 2006

The Shot

Men fascinate me sometimes. It’s rare, but they do. They’re just a different type of creature. To sum it up, they (men) think in a more visual yet logical manner compared to women (well sometimes).

Therefore, I was not surprised, maybe a tad bit offended, when my friend/website designer said, “it looks like a cum shot”. He was referring to the white, ink splash on my very glossy, very feminine, very sleek, and very fabulous business card. I sent him a layout of it to ensure that the colors on the card and my website would match, perfectly. Unfortunately, he could not see past the “cum shot” and continued to explain his views about the design and the reasons explaining why I should get rid of it. By the end of his extensive justification, I was slightly shocked and at a loss of words. It was a true “cotton mouth” experience!

Hell, his words stung more painful than a bee. He’d totally convinced me to loose the extra accent which gave the card a more exciting look. I contemplated this madness for weeks. I began staring at my new card, daily. Should I change the design? Will other people agree with him? Can I remove the ink stain and add another graphic? How did he manage to combine the word “cum” and The JRW Group in the same sentence? I mean, I am not the president of a sex shop.

I’d finally come to terms with my problem and promised that I would not tell the graphic designer my friend’s opinion of the ink splash. Besides, I‘m sure that she would probably have a heart attack after that comment, reach through the phone, find my web dude/friend, and snap him in two pieces.

After a very candid conversation with my graphic designer, I stopped second guessing my decision. I’m an entrepreneur. I should go with my gut feeling and stand behind my card, my image, my business. If I do not believe in my business in all aspects, than “who will”?

Thus my new business card was born…

I have 5,000 copies of them to prove it. Today, it (the card) still gets more compliments than my black, satin, Dolce & Gabbana pencil skirt. So, I think that it must leave quite an impression.

I mean every women needs a little “cum” in her life, but certainly not on her business card (unless you’re into the kinky stuff).

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