Tuesday, August 12, 2008

No Man Hater Here

A friend defined my blog in three words: “man hater site”. I was slightly offended. Hell, that’s just as bad as someone calling me a BBW-Bitter Black Woman, and I not one of those. Yet, I giggle as I repeat his quote back to myself. I believe that he certainly meant it as enduring since he tried to clean it up after I told him what I am about to tell you.

Let’s clear this up now, just in case you’re confused as well. This blog is not, by any means, not a man hater site. It was created as a tool to show my personal side as far as writing that ranges from my journey headed for entrepreneurship to eating at my favorite Thai food restaurant, Spice (199 8th Ave, btw 19th & 20th st).

I love men, in all flavors. I love everything about them; they way they smell, the way they think, the way they cause me to obsess and write about them. I’ve learned a vast amount of knowledge about myself and life’s experiences through the men that have touched my spirit (good or bad). I’m thankful for those experiences. I will never regret the ride. Therefore, when publish a post talking about any man, it is written to show what I’ve gained from the person and/or situation, not to slander someone’s reputation. That’s also the reason for code names instead of the real thing. Keeping the subject in mind and respecting the privacy of others.

Thank you all for the support and feedback!

Miss “I’m not a man hater” Joi

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