Friday, January 23, 2009

A New New Year!!!

Hola, Feliz Ano Nuevo!!! That’s about all of the espanol you will get from me for the year (smile). Welcome to 2009! A new, new, year where anything can happen; a new year where we have our first Black (African-American) President, a new year where more people my age are actually watching CNN just as regularly as your typical, trashy reality show, and a new year where I’ve began to detox myself form alcohol for a minimum of six months. Yes, I said it! I’m going sober cold-turkey style.
Trust me; it’s not as hard as it looks.

One recent Friday night my manager, The Brit, asked me, “Joi, did you make any resolutions for this year?”

I responded in your typical annoyed but care-free “just leave me alone and let me do my job” voice, “No, I never make new year’s resolutions.”

Of course, he had a raised brow and seemed intrigued as to why I don’t practice this New Year’s ritual that’s been going around for ions. The Brit asked, “Why?”

I took a deep breath hoping that one of my tables would call me over to take an order for another extravagant cocktail or grilled cheese sandwich, so the misery of this conversation could end, abruptly. But I was stuck. Still in my annoyed state, I replied “The word resolution sounds so unstable and temporary. I set goals each year and work towards accomplishing each one. Goals, that word is just more permanent to me.” That’s when I revealed to him that I decided to lay of the liquor for six months. The Brit was amazed that I made such a mature commitment. You would have thought that I told him I decided to save my virginity until to marriage the way his eyes popped out of his head. In his own little British way, I believe that he was proud of me. Yet, I was utterly bothered by him.

With that said, readers I encourage you to set your goals, resolutions, rituals, or whatever you name them to the tenth power, write them down, and work hard (and smart) towards making them happen for you. Hey, if the son of a black man from Kenya and a white woman from Kansas can run for President of the United States and win on his first try, than you can make all of your goals a reality too. Just stick to it and stay determined!

I’ve been alcohol free for about 20 days now and I even wrote a new post for my blog to start of this wonderful new, new, year. Yeah, I know it’s late but I’m working on getting these entertaining posts to you in a timelier manner. I’ll admit it, that’s one of my many new goals for 2009. So, what are yours?

Let’s make it happen!!!


  1. I've been alcohol free since Dec 8th... ;)

  2. Its about time even though you made a promise to me back in august that you were going to post more on your blog and show me your writing skills.... But happy New Year to you and I hope we can have dinner again... And spend more time together...