Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Picture Perfect; My LA Trip

I’d awaken from a well rested night in dream land but something was off. Black satin cap. Check. H&M Spaghetti strap chemise. Check. Black cotton short, shorts. Check. Bath & Body Works lounge socks. Check. I threw them off in my sleep, so they were comfortably nestled on the hardwood floor. Check. Check. Check. Yes, everything is still here. Check. So, why did I feel uneasy and slightly out of place today?

I wiped my tired eyes one last time. There I was; soft bed, tall windows with a warm, bright rays of sunlight easing its way through the blinds. For the very first time I was not cold. Oh, yeah. That’s it. I was in Cali, LA to be exact. No artic, windy weather, no uninvited mornings filled with hot green tea, no groggy mode, no negativity and no overcast skies frowning down on me. The vibe was totally opposite from New York. It felt almost surreal.

I was in a city where it can get as high as 80 degrees in January. There was a bonus. The first Black President was being sworn in on the National Mall in Washington, DC today. Things could not get any better!

After my friend, Mr. McD or more appropriately I should call him, Bruce Wayne (he knows what I mean) and I wiped away the sleepiness, we prepared to watch the swearing in ceremony on CNN.com’s live broadcast. It was awesome! I cried tears of joy. Bruce Wayne even recorded Obama’s speech on his sleek, little Mac. Unfortunately, it turned out to be a remixed version of the speech with my voice saying, “How do you make this bigger again?” over Obama’s voice. I can only imagine what you may think I was referring to. Take your mind out of the gutter; I was tal
king about the screen.

I boarded the plane on inauguration day, filled with butterflies in my stomach and wonderful memories of my two nights/three day LA business trip. I was sad to see it go; perfect weather, excellent food, beautiful people. Still, I was extremely uneasy about my overall feeling for the city, but I did know that I adored the weather.

Aside from the ideal weather, I had the opportunity to drop in on some ideal places. Here’s a glimpse of where I stopped:

-Private night tour of Media Concepts in Burbank, CA. This studio has a remarkable facility built for post production in video and music. The rooms are fully prepared with up-to-date technology that includes mixing and dubbing equipment. Media Concepts doesn’t just stop there. The studio also provides clients with a signature theatrical editing room, built as a real-life movie theater, with an enormous projector, surround sound, and two person mixing console. Future film makers check out the website, http://www.mediaconcepts.net/ The location is definitely exquisite.
-Quick bite to eat at Big Wangs located somewhere in Hollywood. It’s your ultimate sports bar with flat screens on every wall and a pool table. The Salmon wrap was scrumptious!
Mingling and drinks at Bar Marmont, snuggled beside the tasteful, well-known, boutique hotel, Chateau Marmount in West Hollywood. The butterflies hanging from the ceiling will totally freak you out.
-Window shopping at Nordstrom, Apple store, and Barney’s Co-Op in The Grove Mall. We’re in a recession, purchasing was not on the agenda.
Delicious Margherita Pizza at Pitfire Pizza. They have three locations, so don’t ask me which one I actually dinned in. I have an excuse, I was visiting.
-Leather sofa shopping at Restoration Hardware in Sherman Oaks Fashion Square Mall. Hey, someone has to do it!
-Dinner at the ultra sexy Firefly in Studio City, CA. Extremely laid back atmosphere, romantic lightening, entertaining music and succulent cuisine.

-Lunch at Porto’s Cuban Bakery & Café, a family-owned bakery and café with fresh, fresh, fresh food. I actually had the Tuna on a croissant. I never eat tuna from any establishment. That’s a compliment!
-Back to LAX Airport

I know what you’re thinking after reading my where-abouts in LA, “Well, Joi. Did you do any damn work?” My answer to that question is, “Certainly, but I’ll keep that between me and Bruce Wayne.” (wink, wink)


  1. Nice Place to be right... LA. Bruce Wayne hopefully he had Bruce Wayne Money....

  2. I've been to Porto’s Cuban Bakery & Café before. it was awesome. I like this blog.

  3. LA is great...looks like you had a good time!