Saturday, May 16, 2009

Working Smarter...

“Soooooooooooooooooooooooooo, Tired! Totally overslept…never try to burn the candle at both ends, you’ll def pay for it in due time,”
–Miss Joi, update from her Twitter page ( on Saturday morning, May 16th.

Since, I’ve moved to New York, I’ll always remember that very first smell of oppournity that snuck into my nostrils. It smelled so good, so promising, and so new. I can definitely contest that New York is a city where everyone or at least most are on their GRIND. Everyone’s working toward leaving the “rat race” or staying out of it all together.

Now, I’m of those people who is focused on leaving the “rat race”, but doing everything (and I mean everything) that she can to stay afloat financially, on a daily basis. It’s difficult to balance the two and can be a constant battle. Today, I’ve learned the hard way; that I’ve apparently been working harder, not smarter. Yes, I’m sure that we’ve all have done it, but today put things in a totally new perspective for me.

As, some of you may know, I was supposed to appear on the CBS “Early Show” as a model for a fashion segment. Well, I was pumped, ready and very serious about the opportunity. Now, for those of you who don’t know me, I consider myself a dependable person. If I tell you that I’m going to do something or agree to do it, than I follow through and get it done. However, in certain circumstances, you agree to something and have to recall that agreement but you let the person know in advance. You don’t bail on them, be inconsiderate of their time and just let the other shoe drop without giving notice. You make it your duty to follow through. I like to think of myself as a woman who keeps her word.

Well, in a nut shell, I woke up too late to do the segment and had to be replaced with another model. I felt horrible!!!!! I’d definitely given the wrong impression. Trust me; I’ve been beating myself up about it all day. At 6:15am, after a sudden awakening from my bed, I promptly called to apologize and check in to see if they still needed me. I felt as if my world had crumbled all around me. I was unreliable and I couldn’t do anything to fix it.

But, after blaming myself for hours and hours, I’ve realized that I am my own worst enemy. I woke up late due to lack of rest, getting like 3 to 4 hrs of sleep each day, but working a minimum of 10 to 15hrs per day. It’s logical; my body was going to shut down. I’d just wished that it had shut down after I’d appeared on CBS but that’s not how it works. Waking up late for that gig was the best thing that could have ever happened to me. I kept thinking, what if I’d got hired for an important writing gig, or had a meeting with a potential client that could have changed my career for the best? I would have certainly sabotaged a chance at something I really wanted due to my negligence, lack of rest, and just not taking care of me. It was truly a blessing in disguise.

Today has opened my eyes. I had to learn the hard way to really find out, but that’s life (and GOD). It will throw you a curve ball to get your full attention. I know that now, more than ever. I must adjust my lifestyle and work schedule to be smarter with my GRIND. I have to get rid of the things in my life that are not helping me and tweak my focus on where I want to be in my career and in life. I must network, create relationships, always make some time for “me” and most of all treat my body to something as simple as sleep; real sleep for more than 3 to 4hrs per day. In the end, what’s it all worth, if you can not even wake up on time to make “it” happen. Please learn from my mistakes…I have.

What are you doing to work smarter these days?


  1. OH, Joi! :*(

    I'm so sorry you had to learn that lesson! BEWARE!!! It will come around again if you do not apply the teachings of this lesson!

    I think THIS...(my 2 cents!)... Some of us artistic entrepreneurs out there (I'm including myself in this group) are multi-talented and, with our lust for life, people, and new experiences, we tend to want to DO IT ALL! And we often CAN! ... for a little while.

    It's not a sin, it's what makes us good at whatever we do, and great at whatever we love, however we must learn to temper our enthusiasm for life with self management and foresight (which comes from life's lessons - above case in point).

    "Less is more." my mom used to say. and it's true!

    Don't kick yourself too hard (I know you've got a black designer pump on!) the most important thing is to continually apply what you've learned from the day cuz believe me, it'll come up again!

    Thoroughly entertained, As always, and this time... quite impressed") Most would sweep that one under the rug, instead of addressing it! Thanks for sharing!



  2. I love that you learned from this, Joi. Slowing down is a good lesson; my mom broke her foot last summer running down stairs to answer the doorbell, and I'd been telling her to take a rest for YEARS. Sometimes you have to get smacked in the face to really make yourself take a breath. I'm sorry about the Early Show, but this lesson is worth a lot more.