Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Be Thankful

The only thought that’s vivid in my mind is grabbing my tip jar, hopping over the bar, and exiting my job in a panic. It occurred all so quickly. I’m sure you're thinking, that’s a little extreme and could totally be a short scene from a movie. But in a fire, you never know exactly how you’re going to react. Yes, I said it “FIRE”.

There was a small fire in the backyard/patio area at the bar where I work. It happened last night. One minute, I’m serving drinks and dancing to “Electric Feel” by MGMT. The next minute, I’m grabbing my tips and doing a Jackie Chan style jump into the crowd. Although the fire was technically outside of the place, I was serving at the back bar that is closest to where the fired occurred. I wasn’t the only one, customers and the owners of the place were nestled around my bar, dancing and drinking, closer to the fire than me. At least, I would have had the bar standing in the way of the fire if it would have seeped its way indoors.

After the panic had settled, and the firemen managed to get everyone out of the building safely; I had a thought…I have a lot to be thankful for and I was happy that no one was hurt. I was even more thankful that the place didn’t burn to the ground. One, I would be out of working for an awesome place with awesome people. Two, any business burning to the ground is just devastating. The owners are great guys too. I would never want to see any harm happen to their business. In any situation, things can always turn out worse. With minor water and electrical damage, I’m glad that (God willing) I may return to work by the weekend.

I’m a firm believer in that ‘ol cliché “Everything Happens for a Reason”. It does. That fire was for a reason and I’m sure it may teach us all something. That “something” from what we learn is different for each individual. Last night, I learned that if I die today that the money and the materials wouldn’t even matter. I can’t take those things with me (where ever I go after I leave earth). Life is precious and is in the NOW (not the past or the future). I need to enjoy myself NOW and focus on that aspect.

Yes, I did leave my phone and my bag in the place last night to burn, if it would have turned out that way. So, you’re probably wondering (in the back of your mind), if worldly possessions don’t matter to me then why did I grab my tips?

Two Words: CAB FARE (smile)


Miss Joi

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  1. god thinking as long as you learn self in do time it ok to take your time in learning a valued lesson!!!