Sunday, June 07, 2009

Lost In Translation: The Grind Needs a New Swagger

Hey There!

I've realized in my old age that I've always been a woman who never really wants to ask anyone for help. I'm not sure if it's good old fashioned pride, shame, guilt, or just feeling like a freeloading friend; but asking someone for help is like pulling teeth when it comes to me.
Sitting in an office on one of the few sunny, 80 degree days that have come our way this spring, I had a mini epiphany. I'm here struggling to redesign my blog and think of fresh story ideas when I can just say one simple word to family, friends, readers, etc; HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Grind (yes, I typed it) has lost its touch. its swagger. its mojo. The look is dry, the content is dry, the entire thing just bores me now. That's sad because I created the damn thing. With all of these other bloggers (ahm, dare I say competition) covering fashion, entertainment, lifestyle and just plain 'ol down and dirty gossip; I had a thought. What keeps readers coming back for more? What keeps them following? The topics? The design? The writer? The images? Is it the continuity of posts monthly, weekly, daily, sometimes twice a day or more? Is it a combination of the latter mixed with a little bit of luck?
Well, people, I look at several blogs daily and I've hit a brick wall as to how The Grind can evolve into something magnificent. Hell, I'm working on soaring from Good to Great (circa Friday, June 5th) so my blog should defiantly be on the same page.
This is my sincere way of extending an olive branch. Help me help myself. In the back, far back of my mind, I've considered shutting down The Grind. But that wouldn't be the best decision since I'm grinding daily like everyone else, especially to remove myself from the 'Rat Race'. I ask you...
  • What design features would you like to see on The Grind (widgets, gadgets, anything you can share?) We're talking about layout and design people.
  • What content would you like to read about on The Grind. Keep in mind that these are events that happen in my life, so I need to keep it in the theme. Am I open enough? Or do I need to open up more to keep you interested? Let's keep it clean please. I'd prefer not to write about where and when the last time that I used my vibrator (he, he). No one wants to read about that stuff...and yes, I have a vibrator, don't you?
  • What topics of my life should I touch on? Anything that you want to know that you don't know about me?
  • Do I need to post more frequently? or less frequently?
  • How can I get the blog out there to gain more readers?
  • I'm open to any suggestions

As always, your feed back is greatly appreciated! Please leave your ideas in the "comment" section below, you can email me at, or you can even Tweet your ideas to me, just remember to put @missjoi before your reply (140 character, please).

Thanks in advance and I look forward to reading your ideas.


Miss Joi

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