Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Hey All,

New York has kicked my butt over and over again for the past two weeks. I'm feeling a bit defeated. So, I apologize if I have not posted anything fresh and new. But THE "real life" GRIND has been weighing on me heavy lately. I'm coming up on some very important decisions that I must make soon (in order to grow and continue on with life). Honestly, I'm kinda afraid. More afraid of that I will have to fight (negotiate) for what I really want and that has never been my strongest skill. I've always accepted crumbs or pennies that have gotten thrown my way in the past. But in due time, you just grow bitter and disappointed in yourself that you didn't' speak up and/or take a stand for what you really wanted. I will not continue to do that to myself anymore. In the end, keeping my mouth closed has bitten me right in the ass every-single-time!!!! I know my worth. Don't I deserve all that I'm worth and more?

What do you think?

Miss Joi

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  1. Either your Pray or the Preditor in this world we live in... I have learned to become the Preditor because how do you think the people that are cutting your checks got to where they are, I know I am not where I am by seating around like the Pray....