Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Hurricane J...

I was watching the news report on CNN last Wednesday with non-stop coverage on Hurricane Dolly. This is most recent hurricane disaster on the market to date. Apparently, this brutal monster has wiped out South Padre, Texas leaving houses, businesses and other property in disarray. The coverage made me nostalgic remembering the awful damage Hurricane Katrina did to New Orleans just over three years ago.

It made me wonder. Why are treacherous hurricanes named as females? Is this how society sublimely viewed woman as hurricanes that will stop at nothing to destroy, cause unforgettable pain, and inflict permanent harm to its environment? Yeah, I know. You’re reading this and thinking; Joi, this idea is far fetched. But, I think that it makes perfect sense.

I could not get the thought out of my head. The idea bothered me for days. If this coded message was indeed true than how many men from my past relationships saw me as a hurricane or natural disaster that ruined their emotional well-being? How many ex-boyfriends, ex-lovers, and ex-“I’m not sure what to define him as” cringe at the thought of me coming into their lives and wiping out everything that they were used to (comfortable with) from under them? How many hearts did I crush? How many hopes did I turn into disappointments?

I could name a few. Sad, really as I think about it.

Well if I were a hurricane, what Category would I be? For example would I be Category One; where the emotional damage is only minimal. On the other hand, was I considered a Category Five where the damage is very severe, more like catastrophic?

Thinking about Hurricanes led my thoughts to a conversation that I had with Mr. N a few months ago. He asked, “Joi, why are women conniving and deceiving?”

Grasping for air, I was not sure how I should respond. I felt like he was taking all women and putting them into a box and generalizing them into the two categories: “conniving and deceiving”. Hurricane scale; definitely Category Four or Five.

“Hello, not all women are conniving and deceiving. Men can be the same way.” I said

“No, men lie, maybe cheat and try to lie about it. But that’s about it.” Mr. N responded.

“What do you mean? Define conniving and deceiving?” I asked.

“Women will say things like ‘this is your baby’, with a straight face,” Mr. N said.

I guess meaning that women will certainly have a man thinking on thing, while knowing that it’s totally untrue.

My mouth dropped. I was shocked. He was right. I agreed but I didn’t want him to know it.

So, maybe women (not all but some) can be “conniving and deceiving” as Mr. N would put it. And maybe some women are Hurricanes that want to run rapid, be free and deal with a strong man who can handle all of it, even tame them.

My question is: “If you were a Hurricane, what would you be named and what category would you be?”


  1. Maybe they name hurricanes after women simmply because its "mother nature." They are assigning women positions of power... not necessarily of destruction and damage :-)

  2. rbfpb aka Russ...what a positive way to look at this idea. Never though about it in that way...

    Miss Joi

  3. Well....my cerebral homie. I think you can find some correlation or analogy between any two theories. Women/Hurricanes, Women/Cars, Men/Cars, Men Hurricanes, etc. And to think of the original reasoning as to why Hurricanes are named after women (although no longer the case), which really was just meteorologists during World War II using the names of their spouses. Some in jest, others probably as a way to show the strength and charachter that they loved in that person.

    That being said....If im not mistaken, there is a Hurricane Nana on the sked for this year. AND THAT WILL BE A DOOZY.....haha